Hello! Hello! I am Chih-Wei , an Animator and Shading, and Texture Artist.  Welcome to this tiny space where I share my work with all of you. If you want to know a little about me, just keep reading below.


Flew in all the way from Taiwan and I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design and I am currently based in Taiwan. Seeking this degree in animation I discovered that my true passion is 3D Animation by the body mechanics and characters' personally and adding my knowledge in animation to create something even bigger. And I am happy to be an animation producer to develop ability my animation and different culture knowledge to orchestrate the talent who work in a studio, and faster understand what their needs. 


Thank you for your time!! 

- Dragon Quest XI S, Opening Movie, 3D Animation 2019


- Next  Animation studio, 3D Animator  2019 - Present

    2019.04-現在 Studio2 動畫公司,動畫師 

- Studio2 Animation studio,  3D Animator & Animation producer  2018-2019

    2018.09-2019.04 Studio2 動畫公司,動畫師 

- 2016-2018 M.A., Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design

   2016-2018 碩士, 動畫系,  Savannah College of Art and Design


-  2011-2015 B.F.A, Animation, China Academy of Art

     2011-2015  本科, 傳媒動畫動畫系,  中國美術學院

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